Back to the Sexy Salt Mines…

2 Dec

Oh, yes. It looks like I now have great child care for my preschooler on most days, which means I can get my contract work done as well as get back to writing romance, which makes me very, very happy. I find myself bouncing around the house, thrilled with the quiet and the freedom and the hope that Little Boy’s having a fantastic day, too.

Oh, yesssss…

Check out reviews of Beds and Blazes on Goodreads and Amazon ~ Linda says:

Yet another wonderful addition to this series. I loved the continuation of characters and backdrop! I loved gaining insight into Dora and Lowell’s characters. Both are yummy characters with a deeply rich background. This is also a quick read that’s full of sexy steam that leaves you hot and bother. Time to go search for hubby~


I’m also thrilled that book one of my Prescott Woods series, Bubbles and Troubles, will be coming out in PRINT this January. Oh, yessss…

(side note: I have no idea why B and T isn’t showing up on Amazon at this moment. Hmm. It’s on Barnes and Noble and Goodreads, though, and of course at the Totally Bound site)

Speaking of Totally Bound, their site has been totally transformed! It’s more user friendly and looks just fabulous. Here’s my author page.

I was tickled this morning to find a new review for Bent out of Shape, my story of yoga-rotica at the billionaire’s mansion. Chills, thrills, hot sex, and deep stretches ~ guaranteed to work your kinks out. Five stars from the Gothic Mom! Now just $2.50 from Amazon, it’ll wake you up way more than a cup of coffee. <3


I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and that your holiday calendar is getting all filled up with wonderful social engagements. Happy December!

One Response to “Back to the Sexy Salt Mines…”

  1. modestyablaze December 2, 2013 at 6:29 pm #

    LOL!! Hope you will enjoy those moments of new “freedom” again.
    Oh, and I love the cover of “Beds & Blazes” !! Very hot, very waxed-looking smooth chest!!
    Xxx – K

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